Machete vs Hatchet

The machete vs hatchet debate is a highly contested one – survivalists and outdoor adventurers from all parts of the world have their own preference in this regard, and vouch for it quite forcefully. It is indeed true that both hatchets and machetes are impressive, essential tools, and both wouldn’t look out of place in … Read more

What To Do If Sprayed By Bear Mace

Getting sprayed with bear spray is an extremely unpleasant experience – and knowing what to do if sprayed by bear mace is vital for preventing unnecessary and prolonged pain. Read on to learn the various steps you can take after getting sprayed to get out a very nasty predicament. Symptoms You’ll experience a number of … Read more

The Scoop On Bear Spray: Will It Really Work?

Bear spray, also referred to as bear deterrent or repellent, is a non-fatal pepper derived self-defense product to be used against bears. Containing derivatives of oleoresin capsaicin (the stuff which makes chili peppers hot), it serves to irritate the eyes, nose, skin, throat, and lungs of bears, which restricts the beast’s sensory, olfactory and respiratory … Read more

21 Top Survival Blogs To Follow In 2015

Whether you are a hardcore fan of survival tactics or you are just starting out, below you will find a list of 20 bloggers that you should be following.?The hindsight shared by these bloggers will not only improve your skills but will also take you to the next level in survival!?And since we have put … Read more

Survival Food

Getting your survival food figured out now will put you in a great position in the case of short or long term emergencies. We’ll tell you everything you know to complete your survival food list, and even mention some quality survival food kits to save you time. If you’re venturing into the outdoors, you’ll be … Read more