A Guide To Getting Deals On Gifts For The Outdoors Lover In Your Life

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The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to show friends and family your love by giving them thoughtfully, personalized presents. That said, you may be worried about the price tag that comes attached to these gifts, which is a common concern. One survey shows that some 51 percent of Americans surveyed feel pressured to spend more cash than they are comfortable with on their holiday shopping. 

Thankfully, when it comes to outdoor activities, there are many ways you can save while still getting them something useful that supports their interest in the outdoors.  

Find Deals On Gently Used Camping Gear Online

camping gear online


Anyone who regularly participates in outdoor activities should own certain gear to assure their safety and comfort. A sturdy tent, warm sleeping bag, comfy mattress pad, headlamp, and a sturdy water bottle are just a few items on the list. Is your loved one still lacking these essentials? Help them fill in the gaps. Look online to find deals, promotions, and cashback offers on these items. And if you’re looking for a harness to bring along your or your partner’s dog, make sure you do a little sleuthing online to find a reliable product that will help prevent escaping

eBay is one great option as you can get gently used goods (and even new!) for a bargain.

Scout Out Clothing In Second-hand Shops 

In addition to camping gear, outdoors lovers can benefit from clothes that help them stay safe, warm, and dry when they’re on the go. A great pair of hiking boots help prevent ankles from rolling and keeps feet comfortable, for instance. When buying outdoor clothing, you don’t always have to buy new. Look in your area for second-hand shops, yard sales, and estate sales.

These are great places to pick up gently used items that are normally pretty costly, such as a waterproof rain jacket. Keep in mind that washing and drying a jacket will lower water resistance, but you can re-waterproof them easily and for minimal cost.

Shop Around For Lower Prices On Auto Essentials

Since most people don’t have the luxury of being within walking distance to camping sites, national parks, and other outdoor recreation areas, odds are your loved one has to drive when they want to get out into nature. Make the ride more comfortable by giving them commuter-friendly items like a massage seat cover, advanced satellite navigation, or Bluetooth system.

Outdoorsy folks often have trucks, SUVs, and RVs, and one of the most practical things they might like is a new set of tires. Old tires are dangerous, so you can give them something that supports their hobby and keeps them safe. Other practical items you can give include new floor mats, a durable RV cover, or even a truck bed cover. 

Look For information To Support Trip Planning

survival road trip


If you’re really strapped for cash, you can still provide a much-appreciated present in the form of information. Scour websites like U.S. Parks and compile useful information about parks, road trips, and activities you think they would be interested in. You can compile the details and have the information printed up as a small booklet at your local copyshop.

This is an affordable gift that requires more time and effort than money, plus you can make it very personal, tailoring it to your loved one’s preferences. If you have a bit more to spend, you can get them a book, like the latest Lonely Planet guide to national parks, and write a personalized note at the front.

More helpful tips on planning for adventure travel can be found on websites like Adventure Daily. There, you can find resources like articles on the best sleep bags, camping blankets, and camping showers, as well as primers like that on primitive camping.

With these ideas, you can provide your nature-loving loved ones with the supplies they need to continue enjoying the great outdoors comfortably. What’s more, you can do so without stretching your funds. It’s a great way to keep both your and their holidays merry and bright.


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