Finding the Best Kukri Machete

The kukri (or khukhuri) machete is a renowned cutting tool originating in the mountains of Nepal. Enjoying a mythical status in that country, this incredibly versatile machete has been used as a deadly weapon in times of war and as a reliable farm implement in times of peace. The British Indian forces first felt its … Read more

The Best Survival Machete

My husband and I love adventure so much; it could easily be our middle name. Being nature and adventure lovers, we make sure to spend any time that we get free from work exploring and admiring the wilderness. But the tricky thing about wilderness is that sometimes, in unoccupied places, it’s possible for you to … Read more

Essential Tools for Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping is an exciting activity that one should experience at least one, and as many as possible. Every time I go camping, there is a new experience gained, no matter how many time I?ve camped. One of the most important takeaways after all the camp is that you must be carefully prepared to fully … Read more

Cool Tools: Credit Card Knife

This cool tool gives you extra convenience when you’re not in the field, or don’t have a pack to carry extra gear. It’s a knife that fits in your wallet, that folds into a impressively usable knife. You won’t use this thing to carve a masterpiece or heavy daily use, but as a convenient always … Read more