Cool Tools: Credit Card Knife

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This cool tool gives you extra convenience when you’re not in the field, or don’t have a pack to carry extra gear. It’s a knife that fits in your wallet, that folds into a impressively usable knife. You won’t use this thing to carve a masterpiece or heavy daily use, but as a convenient always with you tool, it works surprisingly well. Check out how easy it is to setup:

Most of the wallet tools we’ve seen in the past are too thick to really fit in a wallet, and they tend to fall apart. The Ian Sinclair Cardsharp series is shockingly similar in size and width to an actual credit card. It’s so thin that being in a wallet doesn’t seem to warp or break it like most of the tools you’ve probably heard of.

The base model CardSharp 3 has a straight stainless steel blade, and an advanced tech plastic body. This version is surprisingly inexpensive (stocking stuffer cheap). (Full Specs Because of the plastic handle, it does have a bit more flex, and you’ll need to be mindful of that when cutting through or on very hard surfaces, but we’re surprised at how well reviewers have liked it.

The Cardsharp 4 takes the quality up quite a few notches, and has a CNC machined metal housing, a curved surgical steel blade, additional locking mechanisms, and springed hinges. (Full Specs We really like the added blade lock on this model. You can see it here:

The newest offering, the Cardsharp 4, is understandably more rigid, and could be used quite a bit more often, with more confidence on harder cutting surfaces. The increased built quality does come at a price increase.

A more detailed review can be found at the Gadget Girl website. She’s using a slightly older Cardsharp 2 model, but it should give you more information.

Until these products came along, we were skeptical that a folding credit card knife would ever really interest us. However, Ian Sinclair has impressed us with both of these models. Instead of trying to put a bunch of tools, they’ve focused on doing one thing and doing it very well.


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