21 Top Survival Blogs To Follow In 2023

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Whether you are a hardcore fan of survival tactics or you are just starting out, below you will find a list of 20 bloggers that you should be following. The hindsight shared by these bloggers will not only improve your skills but will also take you to the next level in survival! Since we have put ourselves to work, after the 21 more ‘conventional’ bloggers, we threw in an additional two blogs that you should also check out. Without further delays… here are what we consider the top bloggers to follow. (in no particular order)!

The Pepper Project


General information ranging from bullets to growing foods. This is the typical all around survivalist and he has been around for so long as to grow a name on the niche!



This site is about all outdoor living skills either being it primitive skills, classic camping, or wilderness survival. The articles are resourceful and updated daily with original content.

Urban Survival Site


This takes a really different approach and tries to answer a very basic question: how to survive in a city in case of disaster?  The short answer is: it is not that simple! So, go on a check this blog!



Their focus is wilderness survival, urban survival, self reliance, self sufficiency, economic survival and personal development. They also focus on homestead development and business development. Pretty much anything that helps one survive and thrive in any economic and political environment will be covered.

Survival Life


Their survival blog provides a vast array of knowledge, tactics, and skills in the survival and preparedness fields. In addition they love to focus on Do It Yourself Survival Kit Ideas projects.

Doom and Bloom


This blog is run by a doctor and nurse and they really know their trade. They focus mainly on preparing everyone in every family medically for disaster situations.

The Survivalist Blog


This blog is run by a team dedicated to helping ordinary people, people who live on a budget to prepare for an uncertain future. They write with a refreshing tone, while providing really valuable content.

Survival Blog


This blog is run by a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and technical writer and is a goldmine of survival information. We personally appreciate the daily news on preparedness.

Tactical Intelligence


This blog is run by Erich and he writes often about emergency preparedness, personal security, modern and primitive means of survival, and self-reliance. Make sure to check his food estimation calculators!

Urban Survival Network


This blog covers everything there is know on how to be prepared to when SHTF (=Shit Hit the Fan)?and to provide you with the skills, knowledge and mindset in order for you to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.

The Survival Mom


This blog was created by Lisa, a mother, back in 2009 that simply wanted to be prepared. And it is now a huge source on the best material on how to be prepared for any emergency and how to take care of your family.

My Family Survival Plan


And since we are focusing on the family, another very interesting blog on how to prepare your family. This site is run by Alec Deacon and focus in preparedness, U.S. politics, DIY, health and food security. We always love to go through the articles in food security ? they are always so enriching!

The Survival Doctor


Do you know how to put pressure on a cut to stop it from bleeding? But even if you know how to stop the bleeding, what if it?s bad and you have no medical assistance? This is the blog you should be reading. Dr. Hubbard, a family doctor for more than 30 years, tries every day to explain the basics of medicine so that we all can be prepared.



With a healthy mix between products reviews and current news, it was an article on winemaking that really caught our attention.

Ask A Prepper


Claude Davis is here to answer all your doubts about prepping for whatever might happen. We really think you should check the Editor?s Pick section which is full of amazing articles!

Paul Kirtley


Paul Kirtley is a professional bushcraft instructor. He learned from the best, trained hard and is now sharing is knowledge with the world! ?He is passionate about nature and wilderness travel. In his blog he covers everything you need to survive on the wilderness.

Prep for SHTF


This is an amazing blog, covering everything from gear review to excellent piece of advice on how to survive.Prepper Resources

Prepper Resources


A regularly updated blog with a lot of resources on being prepared. Be sure to check their guides on Prep 101 and Prep Tips. A good prepper needs to know where to look for his stuff!

More Than Just Surviving


Besides frequently featuring articles related to survival and preparedness, the blog also concentrates heavily on gear, and reviewing items that can be extremely valuable for any survivalist or prepper. Knives, multi-tools, and other everyday carry gear frequent the review section, while topics such as first aid, stockpiling, and personal finance frequent the articles section.

Survival Shelf


Run by the same couple has number 19 on this list, Survival Shelf is a survival link resource site comprised of heavily curated links, packed full of amazing information. The purpose of Survival Shelf is to help draw well-deserved attention to the excellent survival and preparedness articles around the web that may have forgotten.

SHTF School


Last but not least, a personal favorite. This blog is run by Selco, a guy from the Balkan region that lived through the Balkan War. Selco lived and survived in a city without: electricity, fuel, running water, real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government. The blog covers anything dealing with security, basic survival and survival psicology.


Having gone through all this list, we hope we can find at least one blog that fits into your interests! Do you want to know how to prepare a 72h kit or do you want to know which is the best knife? Every blogger has his own style and covers his own topics. We really hope you enjoyed this article! Do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you feel we missed someone!

And has a reward for being such a nice reader, scroll below to three additional resources!

Bonus Info:

The Survival Podcast


You are do not have that much time to read and would fancy a podcast instead? Jack Spirko has you covered! His daily podcast is full of Surival Tips goodness and it?s always a pleasure to listen to.Zombease



What about preparing for a Zombie Invasion? Zombease is your resource!!!


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