Catching A Big One: A Guide To Fishing On A Kayak

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Kayak fishing is an exciting sport and past time activity. Compared to catching fish on special fishing boats, doing it on a kayak is inexpensive and versatile. The sport may be ideal for everyone since it allows you to work on your own pace without any pressure to make the big catch right away. If you are new to this, there’s nothing to worry about. This quick guide will help you get started with kayak fishing.


Things to Expect From Kayak Fishing

Fishing on a kayak can give you an entirely new experience. As such, the things you do when fishing on a deck or other watercraft may not work on a kayak. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind:

  • If you haven’t sailed a kayak before then fishing may be difficult for you. Sailing on a kayak requires balancing skills especially when using bare kayaks so you might want to work on your kayaking skills before moving on to fishing.
  • Kayaks don’t make any noise, which can lure in the fishes. However, this can make you vulnerable from mosquito bites. You can avoid them either by applying mosquito creams or wearing clothes that cover most of your skin.
  • When catching certain fishes, you might need to do a special kayak fishing technique or two, which you can learn from more-experienced kayak fishers.
  • Compared to other fishing activities, kayak fishing doesn’t require a lot of equipment. You will be surprised at how a basic fishing set is more than enough.
  • Just like any other exciting activity, fishing can be addictive. It won’t be a surprise if a one-hour fishing session takes a whole day. So, always expect each fishing trips to be longer than planned. If you’re planning to have a 2-hour fishing trip, pack up foods, drinks and other consumables that can last for one day

Things You Will Need To Have For Kayak Fishing

You need to have the right set of equipment for kayak fishing, or else, you will like a plumber trying to fix a television. Here are things you will need for kayak fishing:

1. Kayak


You can’t possibly do kayak fishing without actually having a kayak to sail on. When choosing a kayak, make sure that it suits your height and weight. You wouldn’t want it to be too small or too big. You can either buy one or rent one.

2. Fishing Rod


While most kayak fishers prefer shorter rods, your rod’s length is entirely up to your personal preference. Don’t forget to bring your pliers and tackle box.

3. Personal Floating Devices


Since kayaks can be accidentally flipped, you might want to make sure you don’t drown by wearing a floating device.

4. Plastic bags


If you’re going to bring equipment that shouldn’t get wet, put them on plastic bags.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Kayak Fishing

While you can get a lot out of fishing on a kayak, you can get even more out of it by doing these tips:

  • 1. Use floating equipment, if possible. The possibility of your kayak getting flipped is always there. To prevent any inconveniences, only put things that can float on water.
  • 2. Always keep your head at the center of the kayak. The whole watercraft follows where your head goes. So if you want to keep your kayak balanced, don’t sway your head anywhere else.
  • 3. Know where to put your catch. A lot of kayak fishing beginners have no idea how to handle their first catch. So, what do you do with your catch? Simply hold it through the line of the rod and make sure the fish is a little above your head. Put it down as soon as you reach the shore or your carrier boat. Alternatively, you can just release the fish; it can help preserve the environment.
  • 4. Always take weather into account for both safety and fishing success reasons. Consult the local news for current weather conditions. In case of a violent weather, cancel your trip and move it to another day. On the other hand, calm and cool weather conditions are ideal for fishing.
  • 5. Consult experienced kayak fishers. It doesn’t hurt to learn a thing or two from more experienced fishers; it will help you improve your kayak fishing skills.

If you want to embark on an adventurous activity, kayak fishing is for you. Its low-cost nature makes it a great sport everyone can enjoy. To get the most out of it, refer to this guide to fishing on a kayak from time to time and have lots of practice.

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