Machete vs Hatchet

The machete vs hatchet debate is a highly contested one – survivalists and outdoor adventurers from all parts of the world have their own preference in this regard, and vouch for it quite forcefully. It is indeed true that both hatchets and machetes are impressive, essential tools, and both wouldn’t look out of place in […]


Machete vs Sword

A machete or a sword – which is better? This question will have crossed the minds of anyone who has seen flicks such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Machete film series. Seriously speaking though, the machete vs sword debate is made all the more complicated because the two look quite similar […]


How To Sharpen a Machete

Machetes are probably some of the most commonly used blades in the world – anyone who’s had to clear bush at their farm, travel through forested expanses, or cut off unwanted branches from their hedges / trees will attest to that. You can get one on the cheap nowadays from both online and physical retailers, […]


Machete vs Katana

The katana, a Japanese sword popularized in the West by the legend of the Samurai, and by depictions portraying the stoic Japanese warrior taking on foes much stronger than him, has become a coveted item for any martial arts fan’s collection. The same goes for a machete, which has enjoyed a globally popular status through […]


How To Use Bear Spray

While the substantial scientific research and wilderness expert recommendations may have convinced you to carry bear spray with you on the trail each time you go hiking / trekking / camping, it takes a lot more than packing some bear mace cans to successfully survive a sudden bear charge in the wild. You’ll need to […]


How To Dispose Of Expired Bear Spray

With the recent upsurge in the popularity of bear spray, much has been written about its benefits and its correct usage, and plenty of research data is available about its efficacy, however, one thing I couldn’t help but notice was that there was relatively scant information about how to dispose of bear spray properly. Bear […]

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